You are only as good as your last paper

Nature with his high rejection rate seems to deride us somewhat by publishing something like “Publish like a pro“. Their tips in the box, however, are excellent

You are only as good as your last paper — previous success does not guarantee future acceptance.
You’ve got to hook the editor with the abstract.
Don’t delete those files. Keep every version. You never know what aspect you can use for some other piece of writing.
Writing is an amazingly long learning curve. Many authors say that they’re still getting better as a writer after several decades.
The most significant work is improved by subtraction. Keeping the clutter away allows a central message to be communicated with a broader impact.
Write every day if possible.
Once you’ve written what you wanted to convey, end it there.

The abstract tip is a bit trivial and of course, it’s mandatory to keep all versions just in case of a later investigation. But writing is a skill that needs to be trained while not everything needs to be published.