Add geolocation barcodes to travel guides, conference leaflets, etc please

There are so cute little files while I am constantly looking up addresses in travel guides, madly identifying them at google earth before transferring location bookmarks to my mobile devices.

Why can’t publishers produce just some small geo.kml or geo.rdf files, deposit them somewhere on their web server and link them with barcodes that are printed each time a geolocation is referred too (example link Groebenzell)?

The iPhone needs a slightly different form (without kml) as well as an app like i-nigma that is pointed by this barcode


to maps://?geocode=&q=gr%C3%B6benzell&ie=UTF8&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&hnear=Gr%C3%B6benzell,+Oberbayern,+Bayern&gl=de&t=m&z=14”>Groebenzell.