A jubilee – today we have 1000 papers on allergy and vitamin D

It is a long time period from our first paper in July 1999 in Allergy, but more than 15 years later there is now a huge list of papers.

When looking for potential paradigm shift in research, however, vitamin D is still largely ignored.

    • Professional organizations that give legitimacy to the paradigm: NONE
    • Dynamic leaders who introduce and purport the paradigm: FEW
    • Journals and editors who write about the system of thought: FEW
    • Government agencies who give credence to the paradigm: NONE
    • Educators who propagate the paradigm’s ideas by teaching it to students: NONE
    • Conferences conducted that are devoted to discussing ideas central to the paradigm: YES
    • Media coverage: MINOR
    • Lay groups, or groups based around the concerns of lay persons, that embrace the beliefs central to the paradigm: FEW
    • Sources of funding to further research on the paradigm: NONE