Updating to PHP 7.0

“Deprecated means deprecated” this is what I learned today. In practice, PHP finally kicked out some functions breaking now my web serve. Errors may be expected
* when a variable is used but not declared before.
* split is deprecated, use explode instead and take care that there is always something to explode

list($a,$b) = explode("/","$word/");

* eregi is deprecated, use

preg_match('/hello/', $string);

* end($array) is not working, use


The true/false shortcuts 1>1 ? T : F isn’t anymore acceptable

1>1 ? true : false

Unfortunately owncloud calendar sync stopped working – took me quite some time to find out why

Array to string conversion at /owncloud/3rdparty/sabre/dav/lib/CalDAV/CalendarQueryValidator.php#62

As owncloud hotfixes did not work and a own cloud update failed, I had to switch back to 5.6.