Raspberry Infrared: Just 50€ to detect a frame motor?

At the recent bike festival Sattelfest here in Munich, I had the chance to try out an in frame electric motor Vivax Assist. The wheel was spinning slowly leading to a seat stay temperature difference of at least 5 degree Celsius compared to the top tube. There was also a clear gradient towards to the bottom bracket that should be visible with conventional thermography.
You could use the Seek Thermal Smartphone add ons for thermography (249€) while also Raspberry just released an updated camera sensor with no IR filter (23€). Unfortunately 1um wave length is way ahead from the 3um IR wavelength required for thermal imaging but there is also a 16×4 array sensor MLX90620 from Melexis that could work. Could anyone take some pictures of race bikes next week during the start of the Giro?