Rat race

While working on a review about vitamin D and the microbiome, I came across an interesting article Immune-Microbiota Interactions: Dysbiosis as a Global Health Issue

Recent research, however, demonstrated that a number of specific interventions can lead to (partial) primary prevention of allergy, especially of atopic dermatitis (AD) and food allergy (FA). Three types of primary prevention strategies have been successfully studied: early administration of bacterial products (most studies are on probiotics), early moisturizing in infants at risk for AD and early exposure to allergenic foods (peanut and egg).

I am not so much convinced of any successful probiotics research that prevents all kind of allergy (ref, ref, just to name two). The interesting point, however, is the new recommendation to early exposure of allergenic foods. Does earlier exposure mean less exposure under vitamin D suppression that shouldn’t start before week 6?