millumin osc controller

I need to control two machines running both an instance of millumin and have even more lights that will understand OSC control commands.


In a first attempt, I tried a mobile app called TouchOSC to get everything under one hood. It turned out to be cumbersome to create display templates, install an OSC splitter.

The second option were millumin plugins (MLSync_1_1 and SimpleSync) that were good for keeping everything in sync but not for sending out different signals to different IPs.

The third option, an OSC data track inside a master millumin installation, tended to be confusing after 5 minutes.

Unfortunately some javascript based solution will not work as OSC is sent via UDP (which is not possible in desktop browsers), therefore I combined an old php library  with a modern bootstrap/material template using a black design for use in darkened rooms.

Here is the script index.php for download. It is quite basic but a useful starting point for any other OSC command, and an infinite number of machines as long as you know their IP address and can increase any of the 3 loops in the script.

For non Millumin computers, I am using node.js with node-osc as receiver.