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Sync Lion desktop via iCloud

While all that sync’ing works quite well, I still have different desktops on my MacBooks.
Here is a solution that is based on some undocumented feature of the iCloud that I have found at macstories.net. It basically needs to activate the iCloud settings also for files which will give you in Lion access to a magic 5 GB ~/Library/Mobile Document folder very much alike to Dropbox.
I am rsyncing here now my Desktop folder by an automator action as described at banana.com. Can be done in less than 5 minutes…

The art of a clean Mac OS X desktop

I spent considerable time this week as my MBA showed major quirks – the finder’s trashcan did not respond, clicking on the finder in the dock suddenly opened a second icon, while the finder crashed frequently. Running harddisk maintenance, correcting access rights, deleting several plists, experimenting with safe mode, even deleting PRAM and NVRAM – nothing helped until Continue reading The art of a clean Mac OS X desktop