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Complex Email Search

Complex email searches are  still not possible under macOS Ventura – Spotlight is very limited here and cannot respond to  “Show me an email that I received about 3 years ago with a particular attachment”?

Using an email plugin this is however possible.

Screenshot Email Search

Houdah Spot (38€) may be  life saving here, look for the free trial.

The Apple Keynote Feature we have been waiting for

Apple updated last month Keynote with a feature we have been waiting for years – live video which is super cool to show live internet pages from active polls.


insert video only works from the top menu

There is no video source connected at the beginning but can can be added from the right side menu.

Unfortunately the virtual camera of OBS is not recognized but I could easily connect my Blackmagic Atem Mini so I have direct access to any source coming from a second computer running Chrome, Ipad with Sketchbook  and of course  the Z6 HDMI video signal.


adding the ATEM Mini from the right menu


Sync Lion desktop via iCloud

While all that sync’ing works quite well, I still have different desktops on my MacBooks.
Here is a solution that is based on some undocumented feature of the iCloud that I have found at macstories.net. It basically needs to activate the iCloud settings also for files which will give you in Lion access to a magic 5 GB ~/Library/Mobile Document folder very much alike to Dropbox.
I am rsyncing here now my Desktop folder by an automator action as described at banana.com. Can be done in less than 5 minutes…

Optimized data security under Snow Leopard

Filevault is too much of a good thing but slowing down your system and making Time Machine backups difficult if not impossible. No security is also no option, so I thought about creating a sparse image for just a few selected datasets, like mail, calendar, passwords and adressbook. Why should I encrypt 120 Gig when only 8 Gig should be encrypted? The sparsebundle is mounting automatically using a password from the keychain.
I found it, however, difficult to create the correct links that replace the original files.
A Mac OS X hint fortunately explains, how to do that Continue reading Optimized data security under Snow Leopard