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Suffer fools gladly

which is from the letter by Saint Paul in his second letter to the Church at Corinth (chapter 11) while today’s quote “neither suffers fools” is adapted from Walter Isaacson’s biography on “Elon Musk” published today

In the rarefied fraternity of people who have held the title of richest person on Earth, Musk and Gates have some similarities. Both have analytic minds, an ability to laser-focus, and an intellectual surety that edges into arrogance. Neither suffers fools. All of these traits made it likely they would eventually clash, which is what happened when Musk began giving Gates a tour of the factory.

Why lines of code is a bad metric for a programmer

There  is a long explanation over at medium

committing code is a small part of what software engineers do. There are many ways in which you can contribute technically without writing much code. In fact, the best senior engineers I know are great at prioritization, delegation, and simplifying. Their pull requests are tiny because they’ve made the code modular and straightforward. … Writing negative code is a point of pride! If you refactored a complex piece of logic, picked a good library to solve a problem, or eliminated unnecessary features, then you’ll have a negative commit history. ..  fine-tune configs, research arcane issues, and dive deep into underlying architecture. Working on these jobs can mean days of research just to make a few-line change.

The same applies to amount of funding received by a scientist (although frequently used for calculation of salariy). If I can achieve the same impact at a fraction of the costs, isn’t that much better than producing more costs?