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Every click leaves many traces in the internet. To enjoy at least some privacy, I recommend to install the CookieCuller, that will destroy all cookies (except some protected cokkies) when closing your browser. A slightly higher level of privacy may be obtained by using TORPARK, that is now even available in a standalone USB stick version form Even by using TORPARK you are still identified by your network card – SMAC is the ultimate solution, yea, yea.



Science writes:

As you browse the Internet, many Web sites such as Google’s record a string of tex–the cookie–representing the identity of your computer. And when you use Google, its servers keep track not only of what you search for but also where you go next. People add new entries to this record at the rate of 200 million Web searches per day. This electronic record is key to Google’s business model: Most of its $1 billion annual revenue comes from Internet advertising targeted to individuals.

Another tip – disable also Flash super cookies in the online applet.

2 thoughts on “Some privacy…”

  1. Nice plugin suggestion. I notice you’re running AdBlock too, is that useful, how often does its database get updated, I suspect there are new ad formats appearing all the time that won’t be trapped, so don’t you have to spend a lot of time right clicking to add the new ones while you go. I think I’d prefer just to develop ad blindness. I think there’s also the issue that the layout of some sites depends on the positioning of some ads and blocking them will distort the site structure.

    Meanwhile, what do you think to the new autotranslation that I’ve added to the site? One French visitor has already told me the translation into French is ludicrous, how does the German version look?


  2. David, thanks for commenting.

    Re AdBlock: This website is a relaunch while I do not have so much experience with all these plugins. Yes, you are right, the captcha code is already been obsolete but it prevents at least the script kiddies out.

    Re Autotranslation: Maybe good for some people; my recommendation would be to learn a few more languages ;-) Would be interested to learn if your page hits increase. MW

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