I require 1,000,000 dollars

Most scientists are urged to spend much of their time for getting research funds. Here is a another anecdote about Otto Warburg reported by Hans Krebs / p 57:

One day he [Warburg] asked the office of the Director-General [of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft, later Max Plack Society] to allocate 10,000 marks for his research. He was told that that the organization had no spare money; he should therefore write an application, which the Director-General would support, to the Notgemeinschaft (an emergency fund made available by the government for the promotion of research). Warburg replied that he had no secretary; the Director-General should put a secretary at his disposal. This was agreed. Warburg handed the secretary a sheet of paper and told her to type ‘Top left: Dr.Otto Warburg; top right: the date; underneath this: I require 10,000 (zehntausend) mark.’ This Warburg signed. The ‘application’ was succesful.

Yea, yea.