Human genome variation

Being a former curator for a genetic disease database, I received a PM that explained why the foundation of the Human Genome Variation Society did not include most of the HUGO Mutation Database Owners — most did not join as they found it difficult to pay for membership. This reflects the overall frustration in obtaining funds for databases projects that are between research and service. Now, a new initiative for the Human Variome Project (HVP) is started to create a focus pulling the whole vision together and to assist in fundraising. Meeting details are at I strongly support this initiative. All genetic variation databases are sharing a high interest in the community but zero interest at funding bodies (more). I have a dream…

the flyer…

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  3. The situation where some HUGO Mutation Database owners (curators) are excluded because they can’t afford the fees is regrettable and has been a chronic problem. We have to address this at the upcoming meeting in San Diego on October 23rd 2007 ( Any ideas on how to address this problem are welcome.

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