More Zotero support

Welcome Just Science Participant! Here is an extra primer how to store your references from the scientific papers that you are reading. In 1983 I was writing on cards, moved to a simple 4-column-database in 1989, used Endnote in 2005 and eventually moved to Zotero in 2007. Zotero is an open source database that sits as a plugin in your Firefox browser [download link]. The neat thing with Zotero: it was constructed to import web content much more than any other reference database. Just click the extra Zotero button in the URL bar and zack! the bibliographic entry will be available in your Open Office document for citation.
Zotero is being actively developed by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University and funded by the United States Institute of Museum and Library Services among others. All code is open source which means that you can actively develop filters, apply skins or develop new frontends.
Many people are now waiting for the forthcoming Zotero server to share their references also within a workgroup or with an online service like CiteULike. Such a full fledged server is soon to be released. In the meantime, I am providing here a (compiled and native) perl script of a Zotero Miniserver that will display your most recent Zotero entries. It is not so much an advanced project but a showcase how to read the Zotero database and do something useful with just a few lines of code, yea, yea.