Yes, it is true and and quite right too

Science reports that the NEJM is being sued by Pfizer

in various jurisdictions on product liability grounds. Plaintiffs are claiming that its products Celebrex and Bextra cause cardiovascular and other injuries. Pfizer asserts that in some cases plaintiffs are making use of published papers from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). So it wants to dig though the confidential reviews of those papers in search of something to strengthen its defense.

Two giants fighting each other… The Health Blog of the Wall Street Journal writes

Pfizer says the “public has no interest in protecting the editorial process of a scientific journal,” according to a legal filing cited by Kennedy. “Say what?” he responds. “Doesn’t the public want access to credible biomedical science? … Do medical advocacy groups really have no use for knowledge that might help their members?

Limiting the power of journals that decide on acceptable and non acceptable science by an intransparent process without being ever democratically installed or controlled has certainly been long waited for many scientists. We will keep an eye on it…


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