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Giants in Medicine

The JCI has a nice series of video interviews with Marc Feldmann, Thomas Südhof, John T Potts, Aaron Ciechanover, Bruce Beutler, Jon Oates, Christine Seidman, Stephen O’Rahilly, Bruce Spiegelman, Paul Greencard, Jeffrey Friedman, Eugene Braunwald, Thomas Starzl, Francis Collins, Paul Marks, Joan Wilson, Donald Seldin, Tadataka Tachi Yamada, Llloyd Hollingsworth Smith, Robert Lefkowitz, Joseph Goldstein, Michael Brown, Harold E. Varmus.
The next generation is at the WALS board.

iWork Pages now supports Endnote X2

Although many journalists have been disappointed from the last MacWorld keynote, there are some good news for scientists who like the clean writing style in Pages as it supports now also MathType and EndNote (so far I am using Lyx with BibTex as Zotero and NeoOffice were a dead end). So I will have to finish my next paper within the 30 day trial period which creates some time pressure, yea, yea.


You need an immediate patch otherwise the system is largely unusuable.


As our government now even pays us to write applications for European collaborations instead of putting this money directly into grants – here comes another quick post on what a Nobel says:

There is a notion favored by some that individual scientists need to be corralled to work together under a more rigid, directed framework to solve important problems. We disagree. Real innovation comes from the bottom up, and good science policy requires promoting the free market of ideas rather than central planning.

BTW the postdog is sitting at the Kornberg site.

Bias against negative studies

We probably all agree that a publication bias against negative studies will severely distorts our opinion. To repeat an earlier Nature letter

Why negatives should be viewed as positives … This filtering of results undoubtedly biases the information available to scientists (see, for example “Null and void” Nature 422, 554–555; 2003). And communication is at the heart of science.

Here is an email that I received from the editor Continue reading Bias against negative studies

Yes, it is true and and quite right too

Science reports that the NEJM is being sued by Pfizer

in various jurisdictions on product liability grounds. Plaintiffs are claiming that its products Celebrex and Bextra cause cardiovascular and other injuries. Pfizer asserts that in some cases plaintiffs are making use of published papers from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). So it wants to dig though the confidential reviews of those papers in search of something to strengthen its defense.

Two giants fighting each other… Continue reading Yes, it is true and and quite right too

Celebrities on science

BBC reports about celebrities speaking on scientific issues – and comments by experts. I would like another BBC news feature about scientists speaking on scientific issues from different disciplines, for example famous molecular biologists about ethics.

Science at work

I need to send back to the library my copy of the Altman book. It is a really excellent book, very informative and easy to read. Altman even does not stop at critical situations (page 12 of prologue) where he describes scientists as

Scientists are human. They have their jealousies. They gossip. They spread rumours. They exaggerate. Sometimes they treat hearsay as fact.

Me too, yea, yea.