Genome browser introduces error lane

A welcome initative of the Golden Path Genome Browser:

Users often send us notes and hints about how we might better curate and annotate the genome. These contributions are valuable but it isn’t feasible for us to update our annotations on a per-user basis. Thus the inception of the Wiki track. The Wiki track can be found in the “Mapping and Sequencing tracks” subsection of the genome browser controls. When it is turned on, a prominent red bar can be seen spanning the currently viewed region of the genome.
There are two ways to add your notes to our wiki:
1. Click on the prominent red bar when the wiki track is turned on. This will create an annotation for this particular region of the genome.
2. Click on the “user annotations” button when looking at the details page for a UCSC Gene. This will annotate the gene locus itself.
The annotations you submit can be edited by you and by other users, but the history will always be available, so be careful. Enjoy, and please submit any problems or questions you find to our mailing list