More heat than light

There is a new review on vitamin D and allergy.
Reading that piece carefully, I fear that expertise in one area does not guarantee expertise in another one … Putting allergy and transplant rejection into a joined context at least does not make so much sense. The allergy part suffers also from throwing everything into one big pot- one should not mix up initiation & modulation phase of type I allergy.
Diet effects in pregnancy may also be a completely different story than newborn exposure (although I admit that there might be a higher rebound in children of deficient mothers).
Even worse, there are at least 4 more pro-allergic studies not mentioned in the review, giving therefore a biased view. IMHO the whole chapter on toxic effects is being irrelevant – as we are dealing with high LOCAL doses at the mucosal surfaces and not systemic effects. So, more heat than light, yea, yea.


Funny- this review is not even listed at the vitamin D council website – a pro D organization that is no more allowed to publish advertisements in a medical journal.