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Vitamin D als Rattengift

Es gibt diverse Pro Vitamin D Webseiten, die den Gebrauch von Vitamin D als Rattengift (Rodentizid) bestreiten etwa das “Institut VitaminDelta, Dr. med. Raimund von Helden, Timmerschlade 14, 57368 Lennestadt” Zitat

…  wurde ab 1984 wieder aufgegeben, weil die Ratten meist keinen Schaden nahmen.

Das ist Unsinn, Cholecalciferol wird sogar vermehrt wegen Resistenzen gegen Antikoagulantien eingesetzt. Fraßköder sind ab 2mg/kg wegen der Hypercalcämie auch für Haustiere wie Hund oder Katze tödlich.

More heat than light

There is a new review on vitamin D and allergy.
Reading that piece carefully, I fear that expertise in one area does not guarantee Continue reading More heat than light

Hans Selye: Ancestor of the allergy vitamin hypothesis

I spent a lot of time in libraries verifying bibliographic lists as I expected that somebody else could have had the idea of allergy induction by vitamin D before — in particular when being closer to the introduction of vitamin D supplements. Fortunately Science Magazine now offers a fulltext search of their archives (what is currently not possible with old Nature volumes). I could locate about 70% of the computer hits when searching manually the Science index for vitamin and hayfever. The loss of about one third could be mainly attributed to the fact that extra supplement pages have only occasionally preserved in the libraries that I have visited for this project (Marburg, Berlin, München STABI + TUM, Garching). Text recognition is also limited, so my results may be preliminary.

What I found this afternoon in the library at TUM Garching Continue reading Hans Selye: Ancestor of the allergy vitamin hypothesis

Vitamin A and allergy

No, I am not confusing here vitamin A and vitamin D as done in the early days of vitamin research. This post is really about vitamin A (but with similar nomenclature problem as with vitamin D). Retinol is ingested in a precursor form; animal sources like liver (–>cod liver oil) contain retinyl esters, whereas plants like carrots contain carotenoids. Continue reading Vitamin A and allergy

Dont look at serum values alone

There is an ongoing discussion if 25-OH-D3 serum values can be used to diagnose vitamin D insufficiency. At least for rickets outcome there are now quantitatitive data that allow a comparison of clinical symptoms, radiological findings, cholecalciferol and alkaline phosphatase levels. I have rearranged the values of a new paper into the following figure Continue reading Dont look at serum values alone

Vitamin D and asthma

My previous work on vitamin D focused mainly on allergy but according to new research of Bosse et al vitamin D also stimulates bronchial smooth muscle and airway remodeling

Genetic variants in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene were recently associated with asthma. The biological mechanisms explaining this association is unknown, but are likely to involve many cell types given the pleiotropic effect of its ligand … The most significant network of up-regulated genes included genes involved in morphogenesis, cell growth and survival as well as genes encoding structural proteins, which are potentially involved in airway remodelling.

Another study published more or less at the same time by Wittke shows

Conversely, WT splenocytes, Th2 cells and hematopoetic cells induced some symptoms of experimental asthma when transferred to VDR KO mice, but the severity was less than that seen in the WT controls … Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced inflammation in the lungs of VDR KO mice was also less than in WT mice. Together the data suggest that vitamin D and the VDR are important regulators of inflammation in the lung…