OSX 10.6, Macports, GD and finally Circos

I need live circos plotting for an upcoming seminar next year.
After installing the most recent xcode, a new macports and a fresh GD library, I issued on the command prompt

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install gd2
which perl
sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install MD5
cpan> install YAML
cpan> install CPAN
cpan> reload cpan
cpan> install Clone
cpan> install GD
cpan> install GD::Polyline
cpan> install List::Util
cpan> install Math::Bezier
cpan> install Math::BigFloat
cpan> install Math::Round
cpan> install Math::VecStat
cpan> install Params::Validate
cpan> install Readonly
cpan> install Set::IntSpan
cpan> q

Even that that did not help ending up with “Can’t locate GD/Polyline.pm in @INC “. After a second build and install of GD, I finally succeeded (after approx 4 hours!) with

bin/circos -conf tutorials/2/2/circos.conf
created image at /tmp/circos-tutorial.png

— the most difficult installation procedure that I have ever seen in 28,83 years of computing experience.


  1. Wish you gave more details, since having exactly same problem. What did you do differently when installing GD second time?

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