Nur für Professoren

Bei der Recherche zur modernen Eugenik habe ich auch einen Verweis auf eine chinesische Samenbank gefunden bei der nur Professoren zugelassen sind

China’s 1st Notables’ Sperm Bank Opens
A sperm bank, which only accepts donors with academic degrees equal to associate professor and above, became operational early this month, causing heated controversy.
The bank, known as the “Notables’ Sperm Bank”, is sponsored by the Family Planning Technical Guidance Agency of this capital of Sichuan Province, in southwest China.

So far, all the applicants for donations have asked for anonymity, Huang said. To avoid possible incest, one donor can only donate sperm a maximum of five times, while one donor’s sperm will be used by women who live in different regions, according to the bank manager.
Meanwhile, some local experts have opposed the idea of opening the sperm bank. Prof. Zhang Sizhong, a leading genetics researcher at Huaxi Medical University, says that from the viewpoint of genetics, the sperm of highly educated people may not be better than that of others.
Prof. Yu Pingzhe, who teaches philosophy at Sichuan University, questioned the ethics of the Notables’ Sperm Bank, insisting that both foolish and clever people have the right to live.