Käufliche Wissenschaft

Natürlich muss Grundlagenforschung finanziert werden. Es gibt dafür genügend staatliche Quellen und reputable Einrichtungen. Wenn die Gier aber unersättlich wird, dann wird Wissenschaft käuflich – in dem aktuellen Fall hatte Jeffrey Epstein Harvard Professoren wie George Church finanziert (Church ist einer der wenigen Genetiker die He Jiankuis Vorgehen nachträglich rechtfertigten). In dem statnews Artikel wird Church zitiert

“I certainly apologize for my poor awareness and judgment … There was just a lot of nerd tunnel vision …” Since the indictment last month, news reports have described numerous meetings Epstein organized, both before and after his 2008 conviction, with physicists, biologists, mathematicians, and other researchers. He seemed to believe his interactions with scientists, especially those at Harvard, would buff his reputation in the financial world, saying on his website that he had “the privilege of sponsoring many prominent scientists … As for whether Epstein’s 2008 conviction gave Church (a father and grandfather) pause, he said, “I did read a couple of news articles” a decade ago, he said, “but they weren’t clear enough for me to know there was a serious problem.” …Church said he is used to financiers, technologists, and celebrities seeking him out, and has become a quasi-celebrity himself.

Bei Church wundert man sich auch nicht über seine neueste Idee, der Partnervermittlung Digid8

The feedback in the media—mainstream and social—was immediate and mostly negative. Deaf people took offense. Trans people took offense. Some scientists took offense. Eugenics!