Update problems of MacOS Catalina

MacOS Catalina is bringing a lot of problems as 32 bit support is now being removed. Various software packages are broken.

Microsoft Office 2011 is gone as I will NOT pay an annual subscription of $69.99.

TextWrangler is gone, not sure if BBEdit will replace it?

ScanSnap doesn’t work. After a long search, I found an update.

Syncovery stopped working. Bought an update for 29,95€.

Transmit, New version 45.00€.

Little Snitch doesn’t work. Bought an update for 25,00€. Re-installed Catalina a second time (!)

Carbon Copy Cloner is defect. New Version $37,70.

Lightroom doesn’t recognize tethered Nikon cameras. Found a work-around although the end is near as I will NOT pay any monthly subscription of 11,89€.

Haven’t checked Capture One DB so far (but there are reports that it it will be  slower).

Find Any File can be updated.

Max is gone.

Garmin Basecamp is gone – don’t care.

Quick Time Broadcaster is gone – don’t care.

Picasa is gone – don’t care.

Remote Desktop Verbindung can be updated.

Tuxera NTFS Disk Manager – no more necessary.

Home Concert Xtreme: Not working right now, update promised.

Catalina therefore will cost you 150€ and 5 hours.