Brave new AI science world

AI works well in some areas while results are very mixed or even dangerous in others [1, 2].

But what about AI in generic scientific areas?

I have recently looked at, a service that claims to analyze a paper if the references have been supported or contrasted the findings — any references that have been retracted in the meantime or received an expression of concern? While the latter isn’t really a big question, I was not very much impressed by the results as most references could not be classified.

But there are now more companies off the ground. Let’s have a look at some.

One is SciScore

16/11/2022 screenshot

SciScore claims

SciScore generates three reports and a score for every submission. These materials assist researchers, editors, and funders in improving the quality and reliability of scientific research by automatically reporting detected criteria of interest for future review. Researchers signing up with their ORCID get ten free reports. Reports can take as little as 1 minute!

The next one is Prophy, another reference finder.

16/11/2022 screenshot

and there is Galactica.

16/11/2022 screenshot

and well also

28/12/2022 Screenshot

I have no idea if we really need this kind of stuff – any AI to write my blog even faster?

Also others commented earlier this month that it is “not obviously wrong but wrong in subtle ways”.

28/12/22 Screenshot

Fortunately Copyleaks released now even an AI detector just to fight back…