Inside of a predatory journal

I have previously reported a predatory journal, the “Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (WJST)” that is carrying my last name although I am not affiliated with it.

This morning I received a unique Google link to a paper that has been submitted, reviewed and published already 2 years ago. The gmail conversation is really funny, mimicking reviewers B, C, F, H – not sure if they really exist.

Basically every category is marked by reviewer C as “poor” while the paper is nevertheless published afterwards.

Screenshot 7.3.2023

The corrections clearly show how the authors faked the numbers as changes in the numbers were even highlighted in this document in yellow. They even introduced an error at the end of the paper where day 4 in the oil group should have a mean production of 46.9 ml but not 46.7 ml.

What is even more worrying, that the paper is accepted

we are pleased to inform that your manuscript is accepted and scheduled to publish in Walailak Journal of Science andTechnology (WJST) in Volume 18, 2021

but afterwards published at another predatory journal called ‘Trends in Sciences‘.