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Rotten Baby Milk

I have criticized in the past the milk industry sponsored research that is now operating at a similar scale like research funded by cigarette industry [1]. And well, it seems that I am not alone here when reading a new CEA paper “Are paediatric allergy services promoting or harming public health?”

There were increasing and excessive sales of specialized formula designed for infants with milk allergy—either extensively hydrolysed or amino acid formula. These represented 7.6% of formula sold in 2019 … Although pediatric allergy services cannot be held solely to blame for whole population trends, there is evidence that the clinical guidance used in pediatric allergy clinics might promote or exacerbate these trends. Moreover, many allergy, gastroenterology and pediatric societies and professionals routinely flaunt public health guidance from the World Health Organization by continuing to accept funding from formula companies, despite World Health Assembly resolutions that such conflictive relationships should be avoided.


Allergic sensitization by a food fortifier?

This week the journal “Allergy” printed a report of three cases where allergic sensitization in preterm infants is attributed to the human milk fortifier Similac.

The product contains: Nonfat milk, corn syrup solids, whey protein concentrate, and MCT oil (fractionated coconut or palm kernel oil) as sources of proteins, fat, and carbohydrate (Abbott Laboratories Pediatric Nutritional Products Guide, DIR/98A08, 2008, Mississauga, Canada).

Not listed above but in the Products Guide are 120 IU/100 ml D3 which may indeed function as a sensitizer.

Pasteur and the hygiene hypothesis

I have just finished the revision of a paper describing the history of allergy development. While a temporal coincidence (introduction of vitamin D) will not provide any proof, the absence of such a coincidence (like key features of the hygiene hypothesis) is a rather strong argument Continue reading Pasteur and the hygiene hypothesis

Vitamin, germs and allergy – 41 years ago

Do you still have some doubts on a recent experiment in mice that were sensitized under vitamin D co-exposure?
Here is another nice paper from Nature, Jan, 21, 1967 where rabbits are fed allergen & vitamin in a germ-free environment Continue reading Vitamin, germs and allergy – 41 years ago