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Real collaborations

I have taken part in so many collaborations – on institute level, on a national and on EU level. But usually these collaborations are mainly there on getting monies not in getting any real progress.

So I am very much intrigued by a project in a completely different area – sound localization in the brain – that is simply based on common interest. It includes a great description including a video, Python notebook, discussion forum and is open to everybody who wants to contribute. I wish this would have been possible also in allergy research (where not even published data of the consortium are available for reanalysis).

Open letter

a screenshot from Pubmed without words

probably as good as an email that I received recently:

This is the final reminder of your registration.
Please be sure to PRINT out this e-mail and BRING it with you to the meeting. The barcode included on this reminder will speed you through the registration and materials pick-up area.

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

World record

Just found this note at the bottom of a paper offered by Ingenta Connect: fulltext.png
The paper is the result of public funded research, written by researcher who is only partially paid for his work while both referees were not paid for their work. Yea, yea.