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It’s all electric now … The 1200 Watt bicylce

There has been so much progress with electric motors and high capacity batteries finally reaching widespread use. There are kayaks with an electrict support (Torqeed here in Starnberg, that I wished to have one  yesterday at Ammersee). There are engines for ultralight planes like the Electraflyer while I just read at science.slashdot about an electric airplance.

The most fascinating piece, however, I have seen last Sunday at bike expo here in Munich is  a 1200 Watt kit that can be mounted on most frames of current MTBs. Tthat’s a lot of savings compared to buying a custom built e-bike like the KTM eGnition, Elmoto, eRockit, Grace or eSpire that all come at weights of 25-35 kg.

The kit will be sold by the next month by ego-kits.com while here are two pictures from the Munich fair.

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