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WordPress Integrity: A simple intrusion detection

As I see so many scripts trying out wordpress vulnerabilities, it is just a matter of time until one bot will succeed. The only chance I see is to remove those unused themes and plugins, autoupdate wordpress and run weekly backups.

Another option is to monitor file integrity with this short php script

$cmd='find ./wordpress -type f -exec md5sum {} \;> ./hidden/wordpress.md5';
echo "<pre>"; print_r($ret); echo "</pre>";

Results can be seen with

$cmd='md5sum -c ./hidden/wordpress.md5 | grep -oh ".*FAILED.*"';

Science Spam

As a scientist you are spammed by lab vendors, congress chairmen and journal editors. Here is a selection of the spam that I received during the last 24 hours, all “journal” titles that I have never heard before.


Journal of Clinical and Experimental Otolaryngology (Seoul, Korea)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-19 um 09.17.00

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