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WordPress displaying Jupyter notebook

I could not find any plugin but a step-by-step guide at a blog commentary

1. Download your notebook as .ipynb file
2. Upload to https://jsvine.github.io/nbpreview/
3. Open your browser dev tools and copy the element id=”notebook-holder” from the DOM
4. Paste it in your WordPress post as raw text
5. Grab CSS from  https://jsvine.github.io/nbpreview/css/vendor/notebook.css

Maybe a true notebook in an iframe is a better solution?

Track down the “no object… error in post.php”

Recently I encountered this strange error message in WordPress when trying to write a new post. Maybe I haven’t done any major changes, only removed a security plugin recently while the whole system is continuously updated.

Disabling all plugins and reverting to the standard twentyfifteen theme did not help. Inspection of post.php also did not show anything unusual (the indicated line number was probably wrong due to several includes). Googling the error message also did not help as these lead only to site specific problems. Continue reading Track down the “no object… error in post.php”

WordPress Integrity: A simple intrusion detection

As I see so many scripts trying out wordpress vulnerabilities, it is just a matter of time until one bot will succeed. The only chance I see is to remove those unused themes and plugins, autoupdate wordpress and run weekly backups.

Another option is to monitor file integrity with this short php script

$cmd='find ./wordpress -type f -exec md5sum {} \;> ./hidden/wordpress.md5';
echo "<pre>"; print_r($ret); echo "</pre>";

Results can be seen with

$cmd='md5sum -c ./hidden/wordpress.md5 | grep -oh ".*FAILED.*"';

Useful WordPress maintenance scripts

End of a year and time for some maintenance work.
And yes, I found a nice plugin to convert all useless pages to posts (sorry, there is no download page here anymore, it’s all in the blog hierarchy).
It would be also nice to check my 3056 links over the past 4 years and it looks good, what the link checker says Continue reading Useful WordPress maintenance scripts

The best wordpress logfile tool

After using many different plugins for the analysis of the server log, I finally reverted to analog. I am updating first the local logs using the “Superflexible Synchronizer” before starting a highly configured analog analysis. A few really important options (on the Mac!) are: Continue reading The best wordpress logfile tool

WordPress 2.9.1 hangs with several standard plugins

It took me some time to figure out that the most recent update produced several problems – either the blog is unreachable or some pages like “edit post” do not work anymore. In my setup this concerns the following plugins here Continue reading WordPress 2.9.1 hangs with several standard plugins

Fire Scribe

The WordPress editor window is somewhat odd if you are writing in text mode but need to scroll down to preview your post. From several blog editors that I have tested now – there is now one that made it onto my desktop. Scribe Fire is an advanced Firefox plugin that can be nicely configured as you can see on this screenshot.
The “powered by” can be switched off Continue reading Fire Scribe

Powerpoint slides in wordpress

I have tested several programs for their usefulness of showing Powerpoint slides on the web- some packages create standalone pages only while others have major problems with figures, graphics or transitions (or are quite expensive).

A rather simple method works at least in part – loading a .ppt file in Open Office Impress and exporting it to .swf. The flv player, however, creates a messy display as it doesn’t use the full display area.

Another option is to export all pages as 800×600 .jpg files and mount them in File Show Maker to a standalone flash film – as seen below in a talk that I have given in 2006: