I am using a HP6515 GPS phone with a Spectec mini SD card and a SD 512K memory card running PPC2003 (which replaced my the older PALMs). I am manging the device with Total Commander (free) and the build-in IPAQ Backup (free); the Today screen uses PocketBreeze (€) and Ilauncher (€). I am navigating with OziExplorer (€), TomTom (€) and Metro (free). For internet access I am using the buildin messaging client, Opera (€) and pRSSreader (free) which works all together without major problems with >21 MB internal memory left. The mp3 mediaplayer (free) is being a good choice. So – display is not so sharp, ear phones have low quality, torch not very light, GPS not as good as standalone devices, WLAN has weak signal, camera a poor quality with a device rather large for a mobile – but there is only 1 device and 1 charger which outweights everything! Yea, yea.

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