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WordPress Integrity: A simple intrusion detection

As I see so many scripts trying out wordpress vulnerabilities, it is just a matter of time until one bot will succeed. The only chance I see is to remove those unused themes and plugins, autoupdate wordpress and run weekly backups.

Another option is to monitor file integrity with this short php script

$cmd='find ./wordpress -type f -exec md5sum {} \;> ./hidden/wordpress.md5';
echo "<pre>"; print_r($ret); echo "</pre>";

Results can be seen with

$cmd='md5sum -c ./hidden/wordpress.md5 | grep -oh ".*FAILED.*"';

Anonymizing genetic data

I have currently a paper under submission at the EJHG that covers ethical issues of genetic testing. One of the key messages is that genetic data are not anonymous if having simply stripped of names.
A story in a completely different field confirms my fears. According to a NYT article

Last October, Netflix, the online movie rental service, announced that it would award $1 million to the first person or team who can devise a system that is 10 percent more accurate than the company’s current system for recommending movies that customers would like.

but things turned worse by an article of Narayanan und Shmatikov Continue reading Anonymizing genetic data