Yes, we can

Sorry, I did not find the time to write so much here during this month. I have been revising manuscripts (on asthma genetics and another on the history of vitamin D introduction), traveling to another visit in Bolzano, a meeting in Barcelona and a retreat at Seeon. At present I am analyzing methylation patterns of CYP genes and are working on a talk in March 2009 a rebuttal of Collins “Language of God” which requires a lot of reading. There are also many more books on my desk – Fuller’s dissent, Geert Maaks’ Europa, and a fancy books on English proverbs – and so many distractions with interesting video on demand (odooTV / fotoTV / Heidenreich …) And of course there is plenty of work with sorting this year pictures and mp3s and playing with the children … I want to connect my MBA also to the piano (which finally works), the DSLR (should be possible) and my mobile (which works only occasionally) – and I want to keep also pace with the running success in 2008 there is no spare time left.
This may be, however, a good occasion to present now all my best wishes for 2009 to friends and family – Yes, we can, and we shall overcome!