Severe flaw in mouse allergy studies

A report in Biospektrum 07.07/13:762 about the production of endotoxin free ovalbumin by a German company now reveals that nearly all commercially available ovalbumin preparations are highly contaminated with endotoxin. Company A included 723, company B 1038, company C 257 and company D 342 EU/mg LPS. As all mice are usually also on a vitamin D supplement diet, recent mouse studies may have produced largely artifacts if both – agonist and antagonist – are included in an uncontrolled manner, yea, yea.

3 thoughts on “Severe flaw in mouse allergy studies”

  1. Um … duh?

    Is there anyone who has worked with mouse immunity in the past 15 years who isn’t aware that all commercial ovalbumin sources are heavily contaminated with endotoxin? Seriously, this is trivially known, not an earthshattering disclosure.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    the German company is Profos, and the low-endotoxin ovalbumin is commercial available “EndoGrade Ovalbumin”.
    For more information please look at the product webpage:

    Yours Sincerely,
    Stephanie (from Profos)

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