Dissent over descent

Having a free copy of the Lancet at the moment, I found a nice book review about “Dissent over Descent” by Steven Rose.

[He] takes a pleasure, which in part I share, in puncturing the often hyperbolic claims of natural scientists to be unimpeachable purveyors of absolute truth about the world in which we live. Like others in his discipline, he is fascinated by heretics who challenge scientific orthodoxy. This pursuit has led him to take a special interest in the assault by proponents of so-called intelligent design on the scientific consensus around Darwinian evolutionary theory.

This is also a pleasure that I share, yea, yea, and the reason why I have ordered this book.

Ein Gedanke zu „Dissent over descent“

  1. In the interest of “absolute truth”, let’s at least quote the next sentence from the review as well:
    “Yet rarely have I read a book by a serious scholar simultaneously so cavalier with the facts, so arrogantly contemptuous of conflicting opinions, and so bizarrely and randomly discursive as this.”

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