Back to the roots

Rewriting a local Python notebook now to Colabs (as I don’t have an eGPU and therefore also no CUDA support in macOS) I am now again restricted by a daily timeout…

This reminds me so much back to 1989/1990 when we programmed SAS on an IBM mainframe under VM/CMS.  I usually went there early in the morning just to reserve my disk space :-)  In the evening it was all gone just like Colabs nowadays…


Computermuseum: SAS files of
* Auswertung des genetischen Einflusses...;                                                            
cms fi data disk dummy dummy e;                                                 
data a; set data.ges_crit(keep=                                        
asthma frage  f1ekzem f33heu f36ekzem);                                                       

BTW without an expensive GPU I had to use our HPC now. Will try a Jetson Nano or Google Coral in the near future as this seems to be more energy friendly.