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GPS for biological pathways

After running a dual core CPU for two weeks I have a list here of all transcripts that are associated with the “ORMDL3” SNP gene cluster. Making sense from this list is a difficult task even with dozen of dedicated websites.
To get an overview of what is available I would start Continue reading GPS for biological pathways

What’s in your genome?

My latest idea is to create a wiki like annotation server that lets everybody create rules how to analyze an individual genome – we could use the CV dataset as a testbed.
Maybe we should start with SNPs only and develop some ground rules first at which threshold any predictive rule may be applied?
Otherwise these personal genomes will be quite useless, yea, yea.

RNA genes – dark matter of human biology?

I currently hunting some transcripts of unknown function (see below), possibly a RNA gene? while it is difficult to locate any good annotation server. So far I tried RNAz based on a PNAS 2005 paper – another one was RNA Genie. Next step will be the new Gingeras paper that describes even a new class of RNA genes. Finally this may not even be a RNA at all but an alternative leading exon … Continue reading RNA genes – dark matter of human biology?