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GPS for biological pathways

After running a dual core CPU for two weeks I have a list here of all transcripts that are associated with the “ORMDL3” SNP gene cluster. Making sense from this list is a difficult task even with dozen of dedicated websites.
To get an overview of what is available I would start Continue reading GPS for biological pathways

Science is about recognizing errors

-moblog- I was already willing to accept that age related macular degeneration presents the first good case for a common variant responsible for a common disease (Y402H in CFH). Although the gene may be correct according to a new report from the Chakravarty! group Y402H seems to be largely irrelevant. A haplotype indicating a CFHR3 deletion was seen LESS in AMD (and replicated in a second sample). As the authors say

Much work is required to unravel the complexity of the transcripts and proteins arising from this highly duplicated gene cluster.

Another paper finds

… that there are multiple disease susceptibility alleles in the region.

See you soon again, yea, yea.