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It might be fun to read here on a genetics board about DNA (Direct Note Access) which is a technology implemented in Melodyne that can extract notes from polyphonic music.
So far, it does not use a library of musical instruments according Peter Neubäcker, head of development, in an interview published in c’t 8/2008, p 34. It separates “musical content” defined by periodicity, similar overtones and meaningful musical distance like halftones. Although that’s something bioinformatics is trying for some while for DNA (desoxyribonucleic acid), I wonder if the decomposition concept in DNA would works also for DNA, yea, yea.

The Rosetta stone and the genetic code


The Rosetta stone (I took the picture above earlier this year in the British museum) has become the key to decipher Hieroglyphic as it contained the same text also in Demotic Egyptian and Greek. Discovered by a French in 1799, brought to England in 1802 it become eventually translated in 1822 by Jean-François Champollion.
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