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MDPI, Frontiers and Hindawi now being blacklisted

According to a Chinese blogger, three publishers (not journals!) are now being blacklisted

On January 3rd, Zhejiang Gonggong University, a public university in Hangzhou, announced that all the journals of the three largest Open Access (OA) publishing houses were blacklisted, including Hindawi (acquired by Wiley in early 2021), MDPI founded by a Chinese businessman Lin Shukun, and Frontiers, which has become very popular in recent years. The university issued a notice stating that articles published by Hindawi, MDPI and Frontiers will not be included in research performance statistics.

Elsevier loosing a journal

Nature reports that editors quit top neuroscience journal to protest against open-access charges

The journals are open access and require authors to pay a fee for publishing services. The APC for NeuroImage is US$3,450; NeuroImage: Reports charges $900, which will double to $1,800 from 31 May.

Creating a PDF and charging authors aka governments with incredible prices? Too much is never enough.