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How we are reshuffling our genome

is an exciting question that will have a large disease relevance. I think this is not so much about cytogenetic abnormalities but the general understanding which genetic modules are recombining, e.g. are compatible in terms of function, and which need to be tight together. Continue reading How we are reshuffling our genome

Men r’sponding to women

We know much about the differences between men and women – the X is the default pathway and the Y under the microscope looks as worn down and “misshapen as a stubbed-out cheroot“. There turns out to be something really new. So far all effects of Y genes on sex determination have been attributed to SRY, the testis determining gene (NR0B1, FOXL2 and WNT04 are probably ovary-determining).
The careful analysis of an Italian pedigree now described a new gene that can reversal XX to male when being disrupted: It is R-spondin 1 (or RSPO1), a growth factor that may act through ß-catenin stabilization and synergize with Wnt.
Do you know renember the nice cartoon of the Y chromosome with the HUH? selective hearing loss ;-) it is finally RSPO1. Yea, yea.