Calcium gradient in skin, vitamin D and filaggrin

As filaggrin – one of our best atopy genes – is vitamin D dependent, I tried to find out more about epidermal differentiation. The plot here summarizes an earlier review:
There seems to be a clear calcium gradient with the expression of differentiation specific marker in the single strata. So there is some good chance that filaggrin effects may be modified by external vitamin D supply.

3 thoughts on “Calcium gradient in skin, vitamin D and filaggrin”

  1. does this mean if we get more vitamin d it will help people with eczema?

  2. Hi Jon, your question is very difficult to answer. I am not aware of any experiment that tested human filaggrin expression under sun light exposure or vitamin D ointment.

    Don’t know if it’s a yea or nay! hopefully not evil…
    Interested in this, having atopy(hayfever/asthma/eczema) in family. Daughters eczema was relatively late starting @5yrs old, has waned in puberty (To a point where she can eat previously aggravating things: tomatoes, strawberries, chorizo and wear tights!) but other issues (insulin sensitivity related i think) are taking over. She has had large painless non-itchy blister (>1cm) come up on either arm overnight three times. Keeping a diary and see these have coincided with ovulation…wondering if possible relationship to factors affecting follicle in ovary?
    Son’s asthma also waned at puberty, I’m thinking resources (blurry term, i know) being diverted to other uses? Or possibly BCG effect…but already noticeable pre BCG.
    A mix of sedating/non sedating anti-histamines for extended period @20 days (daft preventative measure for hay fever in his SATs year grrh!) gave him something like anti-cholinergic poisoning (raised temperature, non- accommodating pupils, v low urine output/salivation, :0 ) which he came out of with gallstones, the antacid docs recommended (rebound excess salivation/ bile )resulted in big pulse rate/temperature drop.
    This – and the fact the low fructose/sorbitol/ carbs- generally /dairy free diet (calcium excreting/mobilising?) my daughter’s on seems to have reduced her myoclonics by 4x and resulted in something approaching a normalish menstruation – makes me wonder if there’s a loose/excess calcium problem going on with these peeps and that it has seasonal exacerbations to do with temperature homeostasis. I’ve noticed that the appearance of atopy symptoms appear to associate with better neurological/HPA state for both of them. We’re a nordic/mediterranean mix, with some ginger on either side, which makes me think there’s some genetic mismatch possibly in climate/temparature adaptation area
    What is the relationship with histamine stores/receptors/mast cells/puberty/fructose/mitochondria/purkinje cells/cilia…
    if I only knew!
    Totally random input/noise for the mix, sorry!

    PS have now had a bit of a look at the other pages, maybe not so random after all :)

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