People’s capacity to think rationally

When we think of a pandemic, we often conjure images of deadly infectious diseases that spread rapidly across countries causing unimaginable human suffering (like the Black Death, the Spanish influenza, AIDS, or the ongoing COVID-19 crisis). The West is currently suffering from such a devastating pandemic, a collective malady that destroys people’s capacity to think rationally.

Gad Saad „The parasitic mind“ has some problems with „leftist professors“ but having at the same time a lot of well-rooted observations.

I posit that freedom of speech, the scientific
method, intellectual diversity, and a meritocratic ethos rooted in individual dignity rather than adherence to the ideology of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) are nonnegotiable elements of a truly enlightened society. A fair society ensures that its members have equality of opportunities and not equality of outcomes as mandated by DIE edicts … several anti-science, anti-reason, and illiberal idea pathogens including postmodernism, radical feminism, and transgender activism. These idea pathogens destroy our understanding of reality … the mindset of social justice warriors gave rise to universities that prioritize minimizing hurt feelings over pursuing.

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