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SNP batch annotation of GWAs

Genowatch (paper|website) is doing pretty well by annotating large SNP sets that would require otherwise numerous hours to map their position on genes, biological function and pathways. Continue reading SNP batch annotation of GWAs

Pathway to nowhere

I love pathway diagrams since I mounted the famous Biochemical Pathways of Boehringer in my bachelor flat. As far as complex disease genetics is concerned with many disease genes, an integration into a pathway context becomes critical. There are many attempts to extract this information from the literature and many companies that offer highly curated information (Biomax, Ariadne Genomics, Genomatix to name a few). Academia relies mainly on KEGG, the Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes or Biocarta. Last week another pathway server appeared that is curated by the NCI and Nature magazine. Let’s have a look – I am currently working on Affymetrix 500K SNP annotation, yea, yea.