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Why recent allergy congresses failed

Maybe allergy societies, journal editors and conference organizers never grasped the idea of unconferences

An academic conference is a traditional platform for researchers and professionals to network and learn about recent developments and trends in a particular academic field. Typically, the organizing committees and sponsors decide the main theme and sub-topics of the conference and select the presenters based on peer-reviewed papers. The selected speakers usually share their research with a large audience by means of presentations and posters. However, the most stimulating discussions generally take place over coffee breaks when attendees can interact with each other and discuss various topics, including their own research interests, in a more informal manner, while expanding their own professional networks. An emphasis on facilitating such informal/networking interactions is a central focus of “unconventional conferences”—or “unconferences.”

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More blogging conferences

We also have some local events here. Following the wizards-of-os last September (and the famous “I have been building a meme about read-write vs. read-only society” by Lawrence Lessing) the re-publica conference takes place in Berlin – culture / society / technical / business / other – but no science as far as I can see.

Blog together

Just read the entry of Janet D. Stemwedel about the 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference, a “free, open and public event for scientists, educators, students, journalists, bloggers and anyone interested in discussing science communication, education and literacy on the Web.” Do not miss her tag “Shameless self-promotion” ;-) Three editors from The Lancet will take up to 49 registrants. Who can give me a free ride from Munich (bonus miles welcome)?