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1,200 dead children by air pollution

is the headline based on a  press release by the EEA that went online only this morning after having been already taken up by news outlets like the Guardian, DW and Tagesschau.

Fortunately many newspaper did not respond. Was this just a small experiment which news desk can discriminate fake and real news? Continue reading 1,200 dead children by air pollution

Muss man wirklich jedem Unsinn widersprechen?

Nicht wenn man einer neuen Studie in Sci Rep glauben kann

Three experiments, one preregistered with a sample representative of the United States population, examined the impact of (a) directly correcting prior misinformation offered in support of restricting Genetically Modified (GM) foods (i.e., the correction strategy) and (b) discussing information in support of GM foods (i.e., the bypassing strategy), compared to a misinformation-only control condition. Findings consistently revealed that bolstering beliefs with opposite implications is just as effective at reducing opposition to GM foods as is correcting misinformation about GM foods.