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Legends of science – photo #51

It is one of the most famous photos taken by Raimond Gosling (1926-2015), a former student of Wilkins and Franklin, who

is largely forgotten when the story of DNA is told. To mark the anniversary of his paperclip-inspired contribution, Nature has interviewed him. You can hear the results at go.nature.com/lizfik … In this interview, a humble Gosling fondly recalls that Franklin’s response to Crick and Watson’s model of the double helix was gracious and sanguine: “She didn’t use the word ‘scooped’. What she actually said was, ‘We all stand on each other’s shoulders’.”

The contribution of Rosalind Franklin has been always controversially discussed with “here, little Raimond, put this round the collimator”. Continue reading Legends of science – photo #51

The DNA window at the King’s College Chapel at the Strand

Here is another take home item of the recent EMGS 2011 meeting at the King’s College. Located in the apse there are 5 topics as originally conceived by Gilbert Scott: Christ in the carpenter’s shop, Christ and the lawyers, Christ healing the sick, Christ teaching the people and The Cruxification. While that may all be appropriate for today’s Sunday Continue reading The DNA window at the King’s College Chapel at the Strand