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Question of the year in genetics

Nature genetics asked about 30 eminent scientists “What would you do if it became possibe to sequence the human genome for only $1,000?”. Unfortunately, this initiative has been launched 4 weeks too early as I believe some may have responded differentially if they could have a chance to read the ENCODE papers… The majority of scientists seems to follow the idea of Continue reading Question of the year in genetics

Genome Browser Bug

Here I describe a bug in the UCSC Genome Browser display that I found this morning. When locating a SNP on the human genome (where I have only surrounding sequence) I usually do a quick BLAT search Continue reading Genome Browser Bug

3,93 mutations / Mb

1 MB is 1 Megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes and 1 Mb is 1 Megabase is 1,000,000 nucleotides. Although a new nature paper doesn’t make any fuss about it, there are 3,93 mutations / Mb in cancer tissues (in total they found 1,007 mutations by scanning 274 Mb from 210 cancer tissues). Continue reading 3,93 mutations / Mb