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Embed youtube videos without pre-loading any data

This short script is quite useful for DSGVO complaint, aeh compliant websites. Just put a grey picture in /images/externalcontent.png or wherever you want


and insert a short script in the wordpress header.

function showyou() {
  $('iframe[name*=".com"]').each(function(e) {
    var src=$(this).attr('name');
  $('iframe[src*=".com"]').each(function(e) {
    var src=$(this).attr('src');
    $(this).attr('name',src );
    $(this).after('<img class="me" src="/images/externalcontent.png" onclick="$(\'.me\').hide();showyou();"/>

The third largest problem in epidemiology

Some people are writing their diaries on the web (“blogs”), other are sharing photos (“flickr”), their social background (“big brother”) or are broadcasting themselves (“YouTube”); others let you trace their current location (“twitter”) or look at their desktops (“wakoopa”) or computer files (“BitTorrent”). Why is it still so difficult to run an epidemiological study with an adequate response rate? Is that excessive profiling a minority habit only?