Where is the asthma gene?

A new paper – the second bioinfomatics approach following the groundbreaking work by Perez-Iratxeta – is now coming up with some interesting remarks beyond IL-13 and TGF-ß1.

An interesting member of the global induction cluster [derived from mouse expression arrays] is module 494 … This module, regulated by CCL2, Il1RN, and ADAM8, contains 14 genes that exhibit the most persistent activation after treatment of all modules

From the hundreds of association studies, they choose only a few papers including our results on IL1RN (see Gohlke / Pattaro). Maybe these IL1RN antagonists like Kineret are useful in asthma therapy? While this idea may be still premature, here is the link to the new asthma maps – Where is the asthma gene?

Unfortunately this doesn’t map with the recent asthma GWAs by (1) Schauberger (2) Moffat (3) Hui and (4) Choudry. Maybe the 2 forthcoming GWAs will clarify that?